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Amazing Swiss Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Switzerland are a frequent sight, as glaciers and mountains offer the perfect conditions. They are located all over Switzerland and their number varies according to season. In late Spring, as glaciers are melting and snow is abundant, the sole valley of Laubrunnen counts 72 of them,

Berglistüber Waterfall – Linthal

The Berglistueber Waterfall requires some hiking and patience. The trail is really easy and adapts for even the youngest children. You will hear the roaring of the Switzerland waterfalls about 20 minutes before reaching, making the expectation more and more exciting. You will expect to see it behind every corner, just to find out that it might be after the next one. But once arrived, the sight is amazing.

Staubbach Waterfall – Lauterbrunnen

Among the most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland is Staubbach Waterfall. In the peaceful village of Lauterbrunnen, in the valley of the 72 waterfalls, you can easily spot Stuabbach Waterfall. With its 1,000 feet, it is the 3rd biggest in Switzerland. The wide valley welcomes sunshine, which makes it easy to see a beautiful rainbow around the waterfall.

Rosenlaui Waterfall – Meiringen

Rosenlaui Waterfall has carved its way through the mountains for millions of years. Walking to it and along it requires some expertise. It is not the easiest hike, but it will reward you with pretty sights.

Foroglio Waterfall – Val Bavona

Ticino is the Italian part of Switzerland and hosts some of the best sights of Europe, maybe the World. A silent valley with centuries of well-preserved culture makes this place a “must go trip”. The 350-feet-tall waterfall rushes with beauty into a small stream. This stream swipes the rocks of the old village under the waterfall, where cheese, wool socks, and fur can be purchased.

Tine Conflens Waterfall – La Sarraz

Some waterfalls impress with their size, others with their height and some with their beauty. Tine Conflenes Waterfall falls among the latter. The soft limestones are beautifully carved by the never-ending force of flowing water, which has carved in fantastic ways. And just as fantastic is the hike to get there. A relaxing 3-hour hike with only 800 feet  of ascent, lead here. An amazing walk for all ages, in the shadows of the trees.

Giessbach Waterfall – Faulhorn

Giessbach is a massive waterfall with incredible strengths. It falls over steps and steps and looses therefore the majesty of a 1600-feet waterfall. Nevertheless, it is a fall of unimaginable size and force. And the beauty is, that the fall ends directly into lake Brienz. To get a clear idea of the waterfall, it is better to show a map of it. As many visitors remain unimpressed by it, expecting a straight fall. This is not the case. But the opportunities around the waterfall are limitless, with hikes, boat tours, exclusive hotels, and much more.

Trümmelbach Waterall – Lauterbrunnen

Remember the valley of Lauterbrunnen with 72 waterfalls? Well, the Trümmelbach is a glacier-fed river, nourished by some of Europe’s tallest mountains, such as Eiger (13,000 ft), Moench (13,500 ft), and Jungfrau (13,640 ft). The wild gorge was made accessible for anyone in the year 1913 when the Tunnel-Funicular was built with stairs and lights. If you decide to visit them, be prepared for thundering noise. And as the waterfall carries 5,300 gallons of water per second, be also prepared to get a little wet.

Reichenbach Waterfall – Meiringen

Among all waterfalls in Switzerland, Reichenbach waterfall is one of the most known. Reichenbach Waterfall is easily accessible and close to Bern. It is actually a series of waterfalls, whereby the lowest and most famous one can be seen in the pictures. The waterfall offers picturesque scenery, which has found its way into pop culture. Its most prominent is citation is certainly in the Sherlock Holmes book. As the place where the superstar detective dies, it has become a famous spot for its readers. You can even take a picture of Sherlock Holmes, or visit the Sherlock Holmes museum in the closeby village.

Mürrenbach Waterfall – Stechelberg

With 1,400 feet, Muerrenbach is the tallest waterfall in all of Switzerland. And to no surprise, it is to be found in the valley of 72 waterfalls. It is divided into 5 cascades and is particularly impressive in Spring when the glaciers start melting, and water is abundant. Located in the center of Switzerland, it is easily reachable. To enjoy its view, you just have to stroll along the Lauterbrunnen valley. A calm, peaceful, and pleasant walk along a more or less even way, with many restaurants, cafes, and tiny villages.

Rhine Falls – Schaffhausen

The Rhine is Europe’s second-longest river and host of the biggest waterfall on the continent. Close to the northern border of Switzerland to Germany, the Rhine Falls for 75 feet. Being 500 feet wide, it carries a massive amount of water: between 66,000 gallons of water in Winter to 160,000 gallons of water in Summer. Around the waterfalls are many entertainment possibilities, from a well-structured viewpoint to restaurants, hotels, rock climbing, boat tours, and other special events. The Rhine Falls are the destination of many travelers and have seldomly left anyone disappointed. Their power transforms into beauty to the eyes of the observer, who can enjoy in safety this natural phenomenon created only 15.000 years ago.

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