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Basic sock facts

Basic socks are the backbone of a wardrobe and part of a lifestyle. Here’s a rundown of the fundamentals behind basic socks.

Pima Cotton Basics: 

Ultra soft and breathable Pima Cotton is the perfect start to any day. It’s a higher end type of Cotton with longer fibers and an even longer life expectancy. These socks are smooth, soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant and durable. They can take you everywhere you need to be. From running around the city to running around the house, putting on a pair of Pimas will be the easiest decision you make all day.

Cashmere Basic Sock

Cashmere: Who doesn’t love Cashmere? It’s the fine, soft, and delicate fleece of the Cashmere goat and is the most lux of all natural fibers. Cashmere has supreme warmth, sublime softness and a feel that is unparalleled. One pair will last a lifetime but that won’t stop you from wanting as many as you can get your hands on.

Wool and Silk

Taking luxury basics to a whole new level. Incredibly soft wool is firmly knit with the shimmer of silk to create a luxurious and durable essential. The best feature is the natural temperature regulating qualities that keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. A relaxed roll top finish adds a touch of style and comfort that lasts all day long. They take you from making it happen at the office right to relaxing at home- the versatility is endless.

Lurex Sock

Lurex is one of the fastest growing fashion trends around the world! It’s a special kind of thread that’s created when a metallic layer or gold, silver, or aluminum is melded around yarn to make it shine. And it’s just as soft as the other yarns that go into socks. Lurex is the perfect example of how a basic sock is anything but basic.

It’s clear that no sock collection could ever be complete (or even started for that matter) without the fundamentals. Basic socks that will take you there. These are the basics you love to wear. They bring dependability, sophistication, luxury, and style to everyday life. These are the socks that help you put two feet on the ground and face the world. They’re the socks that take you there.

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