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Different Backpack Types

One of the staples in terms of bags is the backpack. But did you know there are 10 different types of backpacks?

Each one is designed and specially made to serve different functions ranging from general to niche. So, when you’re shopping for your next backpack, keep in mind what you need a backpack for and find the right pack that matches your needs.

1. Traditional Backpack

This is the tried-and-true option that almost everyone is familiar with. These types of backpacks can be used for almost any situation: school, work, and even travel. They feature the most notable features of any backpack: 2 straps, main compartment pouch, and a minimalist design. This backpack is a popular choice that is ideal to be used as a lifestyle piece and for everyday carry-all storage and portability.

2. Rucksack

Compared to a traditional backpack, the rucksack functions the same as a traditional backpack. The main difference is the overall design. The look of a rucksack is unique and recognizable. Like a regular backpack it features a main pouch (and may feature other compartments), but instead of a zipper closing, it uses a flap and buckle design to secure your belongings. While some could argue this is not as secure or safe as a zipper closure, it provides a looser fit to allow storage of more items. This gives you the ability to store more items and lets the pack to expand a bit if needed. A rucksack is associated with a more outdoor and active lifestyle.

3. Daypack

The Daypack is the ideal option for individuals interested in lightweight travel and hiking. The features that make a daypack perfect for outdoor adventures is the material construction. They’re generally made of a water-resistant and tear-resistance material that is strong enough to battle the elements. It’s an entry level option among the outdoor backpacks that is perfect for most individuals. While a daypack is a loose term describing several types of travel packs: you should expect a durable and robust backpack regardless of the different styles. In addition, they’re lightweight enough to carry for a longer period of time and have enough storage to bring the essentials on your trip or hike. These are ideal for day tripos and weekend trips for just carrying your important belongings.

4. Laptop Backpack

Another variant of the everyday backpack that is perfect for a college student or working professionals. The obvious difference of this type of pack is the laptop compartment. There is usually a dedicated compartment within the main pouch of a backpack that allows you to safely place a Windows laptop or MacBook. A quality laptop bag will ensure that the pouch is padded for extra protection and security. If a laptop is an important part of your daily activities, ensure to invest in a great backpack to take with you everyday. But be aware of your laptop’s size because manufacturers have laptop pouches fitted for a certain size. With that in mind, you can trust to find a quality laptop bag that will become your everyday driver for school or work.

5. Tactical Military Backpack

These backpacks are an important symbol of our soldiers fighting for our country. But they also serve as one of the most durable and robust backpacks that are perfect for heavy-duty carrying capabilities. The main aspect that sets them apart from other packs is their dense material fabric. It allows the pack to resist tearing, water, and is strong enough to survive rugged environments. If you want a backpack that will protect your belongings, I see no better choice than a tactical pack. It’s great for travel and outdoor adventures due to the robustness of the design. You can store all you need and rest easy knowing your items are safe.

6. Frame Backpack (for Hiking and Backpacking)

Better known as the “backpacking backpack,” these packs are the ideal for your long-term backpacking trips and worldwide adventures. They’re an all-in-one solution to carry everything you need for an adventure. These packs are designed to do two things well: store a lot of stuff and be easy to carry. A frame backpack is built tall to ensure you have enough space to carry your essentials on your backpacking adventure or solo trip. The packs usually have storage capacity up to (and around) 55L which is ample for the essentials. As for portability, the design and carrying straps are constructed to be ergonomic and as comfortable as possible for long-term use. If you’re going to be carrying everything on your person, make sure to invest in the right type of travel backpack for a great adventure experience.

7. Sling Bag

Also known as an “over-the-shoulder bag,” a sling back is a great alternative to the traditional everyday backpack. It features a single strap that is worn, as one would expect, over the shoulder. This provides an alternate, and potentially more convenient, of carrying your belongings to school or work. Choosing a sling bag is a person preference thing if anything. They provide a different way that could be more comfortable for you to be your everyday storage bag. A sling bag is also used in combination with other types of packs such as a laptop bag or travel bag.

8. Tote Backpack

As one can guess from the name, the tote backpack is a combination of one of two most important types of bags: a tote bag and a backpack. The main thing that sets this pack apart from its competitors is its portability. With a tote backpack, you have the option of either carrying it by its handle like a regular tote bag or with its 2 straps like a backpack. And if you’re a fan of the tote bag design, a tote backpack resembles the originator in terms of looks and aesthetics.

9. Drawstring Backpack

The drawstring backpack is one of the best lightweight options for individuals who need an extra  sack to carry extra clothes or shoes for the gym. It is most similar to the knapsack, but is better suited for storing less items. It’s the perfect choice as an extra/additional backpack storage. I’ve also seen it popular being used as a regular backpack option for middle/high schoolers. It’s an easy-to-carry option with a singular storage compartment. In any case, the drawstring is a great carry all to hold some of your additional belongings. I would recommend getting a drawstring backpack as a secondary carry-all option.

10. Duffel Bag Backpack

Another combination backpack that is perfect for individuals who want the best of both worlds. This type of backpack provides you the design and construction of a duffel bag but with the ability to carry it with two straps of a backpack. This type of pack is ideal for travel and the gym. It can carry all your essentials such as clothes and toiletries with a duffel bag storage design while being portable enough with the carrying straps of a backpack. And top it off: duffel bag backpacks have a unique appearance that stands out from the sea of everyday packs we see all the time. If you want something unique, I recommend getting a duffel bag backpack.

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