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Hiking Boots vs Hiking Shoes

If you’re new to hiking you may be questioning whether you need specific footwear, or whether your normal sneakers or trail running shoes will do the job. Your feet are what allow you to move forward through every step of your journey, so keeping them stable and comfortable is crucial. Choose between hiking boots or shoes designed to do just this. They both provide levels of support and stability that you may not experience in your regular sneakers.

If you’re walking on rugged trails this extra support is a must-have to ensure you feel stable! Just like running shoes keep your steps assured as you jog. In addition to this, specialist outdoor footwear, like hiking boots or shoes, is designed to keep you comfy when on the trail.


The most noticeable difference between hiking boots or shoes is their height. Hiking shoes tend to be lower cut and therefore carry less weight than hiking boots. Whereas a good walking boot typically comes up higher to provide ankle support. Due to the nature of walking boots, they are often heavier than shoes. As both types of footwear are specifically designed for hiking, they share very similar features.

Choosing the right footwear is essential for an enjoyable hike. Compare the unique benefits of hiking boots vs shoes, from shape and weight, to sole. This will help you decide whether hiking boots or shoes are the best option for you and your feet.


When faced with the hiking boots vs shoes dilemma, boots are an extremely popular option when it comes to outdoor footwear. With so many benefits to this choice, it’s no wonder why. As hiking boots cover both the foot and ankle, they can provide protection against the environment you are in. Whether it be avoiding scratches on low lying plants or keeping dry while stepping in puddles, your feet should be protected at all times!

Weather is often unpredictable, but that shouldn’t stop you exploring till your heart’s content. Come rain, snow, or shine, hiking boots are 100% waterproof, meaning your feet will be kept dry in unexpected downpours! In addition to this, the merino wool lining allows this boot to be temperature regulated. This will keep feet cool in the heat, but also makes for excellent warm boots. If you’re someone who likes to hike year-round, these are really important features to get you through all seasons. These shoes act as both summer and winter boots!


The benefits of hiking shoes can aid your decision in choosing between hiking boots or shoes. Hiking shoes are similar in shape to a classic sneaker, but they have enhanced features that make them perfect for trekking. Due to their casual nature, the benefits of hiking shoes include their extreme versatility. Use them to explore a famous beauty spot, or take your dog for a walk, they’re the ideal companion.

One of the benefits of hiking shoes includes being soft, comfortable, and temperature regulating. Hiking shoes are lightweight, and flexible, making them ideal as trail running shoes. The membrane is naturally moisture wicking, which helps to move away any moisture from the foot. Therefore, you stay dry from sweat. This can allow you to stay active, without sacrificing comfort.

The natural structure of the lining means it is antibacterial, keeping unpleasant odors at bay.  The trails you take may be bumpy and you want to protect your feet as much as possible from this for an enjoyable adventure. The benefits of hiking shoes include their wide toe box and a strong toe bumper that will protect your feet from lumps and bumps. Just like cushioned running shoes provide a soft landing as you jog, hiking boots and shoes do the same as you step. Thanks to a cushioned insole, your feet will be kept ultra-comfortable in hiking boots or shoes, however rocky your trek.


Ultimately, when it comes to hiking boots vs shoes, the decision is up to you. Hiking boots are great for the avid explorer, being 100% waterproof, and offering maximum stability. The temperature regulating properties mean they can be a cool summer hiking boot, and a warm one in winter. Boots are brilliant for year-round explorers who want to scale different types of terrain. If you’re up for an outdoor challenge, hiking boots may be for you.

The benefits of hiking shoes make them perfect for those who want to switch between the trails and city easily. With a versatile style, you can do everything in these shoes! This is a key difference when it comes to the choice between hiking boots or shoes. Many may not want to wear their boots on a daily basis. Being super lightweight, hiking shoes are a great partner for hikes, walks, and as trail running shoes.

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