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How to Choose a Laptop Backpack

A laptop backpack needs a laptop compartment

    As simple as it sounds, make sure that your next laptop backpack has a specific compartment for your laptop. As these compartments come in different sizes, ensure that your pc fits in the specific compartment. If your PC is 15", get a laptop backpack that can hold at least a 15″ laptop. But you also need to pay attention to not buying a backpack that is too big. In this case, your laptop will be shaken around.

    The compartment has to be padded

    A laptop is a delicate item that contains part of your life. Ensure that the backpack’s laptop compartment is padded. The padding will absorb hits and concussions for your computer.


    It is important that your backpack for a laptop can resist some waterfall. Your bag doesn’t need to be a scuba diving bag. It just needs to be strong enough to withstand some 5-10 minutes of rain. Imagine yourself after a working day. You pack your laptop in the bag, greet everyone, open the door…and it is raining. Your backpack has to withstand the rain from your office to the subway station (or bus station, or to your car). Because the worst thing that can happen to your backpack is to be soaked in water.

    Adjustable Shoulder Straps

    We have highlighted three features to protect your laptop. But it is equally important that your backpack protects your health, too. Since backpacks have a deep impact on your spine and shoulders you need to pay attention to some features. The first and most important are adjustable shoulder straps. Carrying your backpack at the right height ensures comfort and a healthy posture. Therefore, you need adjustable shoulder straps. These will also help you to carry different loads in your backpack and adjust to another person’s needs. Make sure that the straps are strong and fixed.

    Wide Padded Shoulder Straps

    Padded shoulder straps increase the comfort of your backpack. Since backpacks are sometimes heavily loaded, it is great to choose one with wide padded shoulder straps. The weight will be evenly distributed on your shoulders, making it feel less heavy than it is. The pads will balance the weight so that you won’t feel the weight along a thin line (as in unpadded-thin shoulder straps).

    Anti-robber features

    Not everyone needs a laptop backpack with extra safety features. But if you live in a place with high crime, it is advisable. Hidden zippers, zippers with lock options, and a protected laptop compartment all increase your security.

    Beyond the Laptop

    Since you usually don’t just have a laptop to carry, think a little bit beyond the sole laptop functions. Do you need a tablet too? Then get a backpack with a laptop and tablet compartment. Will you use the backpack in your free time? Then get a backpack with some external bottle holders. Do you need extra-strong padding to commute? Get a 360-degree protected backpack. Consider your extra needs and how to choose a laptop bag accordingly. Many backpacks have a versatile use that fits the urban life.

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