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Shakers, Tins & MIxing Glasses

What size cocktail shaker do I need?

Cocktail shakers, shaker tins, and mixing glasses all come in a range of sizes. If you generally make one or two drinks at a time, smaller shakers or mixing glasses from 12 oz. to 17 oz. will be ideal. If you love to host a crowd for happy hour, invest in larger capacity shakers and mixing glasses, such as a 20 oz. tin, 24 oz. mixing glass, or even a 27 oz. cocktail shaker.

What is a Boston Shaker?

Easier to separate, easier to clean, and beloved by professional bartenders, the Boston Shaker takes a little practice to master but is worth the effort. Choose shaker tins that are weighted at the base for smoother shaking and even distribution, with thin walls for a tight seal.

What is a Cobbler Shaker?

The classic three-part Cobbler shaker is ideal for beginners. With a built-in strainer and a cap that doubles as a jigger, it’s the perfect cocktail shaker for anyone who wants to keep their home bar simple and straightforward.

What is a Mixing Glass?

Mixed cocktails may not have the dramatic appeal of their shaken cousins, but they make up for it with less dilution, enhanced flavor, and subtle elegance. Look for a sturdy crystal mixing glass with a heavy base that keeps the glass stable while you stir.

What is a Shaker Tin?

A stainless steel shaker tin is one of the most versatile bar tools. Combine it with another shaker tin and a Hawthorne strainer to create a Boston shaker, or use it as a mixing glass for strong cocktails that are better stirred than shaken.

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