5-Piece Muddled Cocktail Set

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Mojitos, Mint Juleps, Old Fashioneds, and Caipirinhas await you: this 5-piece muddled cocktail set includes everything you need to make classic muddled drinks or invent a few of your own recipes. With two clear lowball tumblers printed with recipes, a wooden muddler, a silicone ice sphere mold, and pebble ice tray, you can host happy hour in style.

  • WOODEN MUDDLER FOR FRUIT AND HERBS - Release the full flavor of citrus fruits, berries, herbs and spices for great cocktails. This Natural Wood Muddler features a tenderizing textured base and ergonomic contoured handle to make muddling a breeze.
  • 2 RECIPE GLASSES FOR CLASSIC COCKTAILS - With recipes printed directly on the glass, these lowball cocktail tumblers ensure you’ll always nail your ratios. Each glass holds 8.5 oz and has a sturdy square base with a smooth rim. Hand wash only.
  • 2 TRAYS FOR SPECIALTY ICE - Whether you prefer the crunch of mini pebble ice cubes or a smooth ice sphere, this kit has silicone ice trays for either. Make mini ice for fruity tropical cocktails, or an ice sphere for strong, simple drinks.