Collins Stemmed 10 oz Maraschino Cherries (Pack of 6)

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Collins Stemmed 10 oz Maraschino Cherries – Looking for some delicious, gourmet cherries? These Royal Anne Cherries are the real deal. They are ready to use straight from the jar, where they can be plopped into any cocktail or placed on a side plate for nibbling. The cherries are Maraschino flavored, which gives a delightful sour cherry taste with a hint of almond.

Cocktails shouldn’t be just thrown together. They are crafted to perfection in both taste and design. The stemmed cherries are the ultimate garnish for adding authenticity and extra sweetness to any classic cocktail.

  • TASTY GOURMET SNACK – Although primarily a cocktail garnish, these cherries are delicious, especially to those who have a sweet tooth. Just don’t leave them where you housemates can find them!
  • ORIGINAL CHERRY FLAVOR – These gourmet cherries give an original cherry flavor to your favorite tipple. Throw a couple of these cherries into your drink for a boost in flavor and character.
  • Includes six (6) 10 oz Jars