Rose's Grenadine 25 oz Syrup (Pack of 6)

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Rose's Grenadine is the perfect syrup to make attention-grabbing mixed drinks at your restaurant, bar, club, or special event. Bursting with sweet, refreshing pomegranate flavor, this syrup makes it easy to craft delicious hurricanes and tequila sunrises that your guests will love. Simply blend this cocktail syrup with your liquor and ingredients of choice and serve!

Use this grenadine to create popular virgin drinks like Shirley Temples or get creative and use it to make fun popsicles and smoothies! Packaged in a shatterproof plastic bottle, this syrup will provide safer handling than glass bottle alternatives.

  • Classic cocktail syrup features a bright, red color and sweet pomegranate flavor
  • Ideal for creating eye-catching mixed drinks, lemonades, and Shirley Temples
  • Sturdy plastic bottle provides safer handling
  • Easy-pour 25 oz bottle yields twenty-five (25) 1 oz. servings
  • Comes with six (6) bottles