Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned 16 oz Syrup (Pack of 6)

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Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Syrup is the finest way to enjoy an authentic old fashioned, the world’s favorite classic cocktail. The spice of barrel-aged bitters, aromatics of cherry and orange, and delicate sweetness compliment the beautifully complex and perfectly balanced flavor of the world’s finest bourbon, Woodford Reserve.

  • Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup from Woodford Reserve
  • Natural cherry and orange flavor combined with bitters and raw demerara sugar
  • Add 10 ml of Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Syrup to 30 ml of your favorite bourbon, stir, add ice and garnish - that's all you need to make a great Old Fashioned!
  • Includes six (6) 16 oz jars.