Our Story

Our story is simple: we love design, style and creative expression. So, as two life-long friends, founders Tom and Tom started Harvey Ltd in 2019 because they couldn't find fresh, truly unique t-shirts that were printed well, comfortable and had designs that would attract attention in almost any casual setting. 

Harvey Ltd's journey began with a few designs that featured classic as well as pop and graffiti artists, such as Picasso, Dali and Banksy. As customers learned about us, our offering has expanded to include items such as phone cases, mugs, tumblers and beach towels, as well as apparel products such as hoodies, sweatshirts, polo shirts and outerwear. Our design collections have also expanded to include a wide range of contemporary, trendy and digitally-designed topics.

Today, Harvey Ltd is several parts clothing, part accessory, part home goods and part fun. We mix high end with low, vintage classics with new collections, and add the unexpected simply because we like it. Give us a look....you won't be disappointed.


Tom Chill                                       Tom Kapp


Fun fact: The original ‘Harvey Ltd’ was a men’s clothing store that operated in Clayton, MO from 1957 – 2004. As a young man, I worked in the same block as Harvey Ltd and loved to go into the store.

Their clothing lines were mostly preppy (i.e., button-downs, sports jackets, tweeds), complemented by Brooks Brothers-like collections and the occasional new trend. The store’s motto was voici le meilleur, which means “the best is here” How great is that?

Well, I never forgot my experiences with Harvey Ltd, so we registered it as the official name of our store.

- Tom C.