Our Story 1

As two life-long friends, former co-workers, successful in different fields, we always saw ourselves as modern men. Without knowing what that meant, we looked into “what is a modern man?” The web revealed a number of cool traits that we could identify with, such as being ethical, taking pride in one’s appearance and standing up for a cause.

We were psyched about the possibilities, eventually leading us to wonder “why was it difficult to find fresh, unique items that really fit a modern man’s lifestyle?” Alas, the idea behind Harvey Ltd was born.

We saw Harvey Ltd as blending the best of many unique elements and ideas into an emporium of essentials for leading the life of a modern gentleman. In less lofty terms, we saw Harvey Ltd as a modern-day general store for every guy.

Today, Harvey Ltd is several parts clothing, part footwear, part accessory, part barware and part fun. We mix high end with low, vintage classics with new collections, and add the unexpected simply because we like it. Above all, every item we carry personifies our commitment and passion to providing products for the modern man.

Tom Chill                                                    Tom Kapp

Fun fact: The original ‘Harvey Ltd’ was a men’s clothing store that operated in Clayton, MO from 1957 – 2004. As a young man, I worked in the same block as Harvey Ltd and loved to go into the store.

Their clothing lines were mostly preppy (i.e., button-downs, sports jackets, tweeds), complemented by Brooks Brothers-like collections and the occasional new trend. The store’s motto was voici le meilleur, which means “the best is here,” and their tag line was “unapologetically masculine.” How great is that?

Well, I never forgot my experiences with Harvey Ltd, so we registered the name with the State of Texas as the official name of our store.

- Tom C.